30 November, 2022

Sanofi – Genekor collaboration for the early diagnosis of patients with rare diseases

More than 7,000 rare diseases that affect more than 300,000,000 people around the world have been identified in recent years. This fact causes the need to use particularly innovative diagnostic tools, in order to achieve the absolute person-centered approach to the patient and to follow the correct treatment through precision medicine.

In this context, Sanofi Greece presented an innovative initiative aimed at the early diagnosis of rare diseases, thus reducing the often long and soul-destroying journey of the sufferers.

The samples from all the above countries will be analyzed in Genekor’s specialized molecular analysis laboratories in Greece, making it a center of patient access to medical innovation for the region of South-Eastern Europe, in the field of Rare Diseases. .

Source:ειδήσεις/επιχειρηματικά-νέα/308362/sinergasia-sanofi-genekor-gia-tin egkeri-diagnosi-asthenon-me-spanies-pathisis/