Single Genes

In the case of biomarkers requiring single-gene screening, this is possible using a variety of advanced molecular techniques such as NGS on the Ion GeneStudio S5 Prime System (Thermo Fisher Scientific), Real Time PCR on the cobas® z 480 analyzer (Roche), QuantStudio 3 RealTime PCR System (ThermoFisher) and Sanger Conventional Sequencing and Size Analysis on the Applied Biosystems SeqStudio genetic analyzer (Thermo Fisher Scientific). In addition, FISH and IHC services are offered.

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These biomarkers can be:

  • Predictive, related to response to targeted therapy (KRAS-colon, lung), NRAS (colon), EGFR (lung), BRAF (all tumors), c-KIT (GIST), PDGFRA (GIST), IDH1/ IDH2 (cholangiocarcinoma), PIK3CA (breast), ESR1 (breast), EML4-ALK (lung) and additional biomarkers.
  • Prognostic, related to a good/bad prognosis for disease progression (MGMT methylation-glioma, 1p19q-glioma, N-MYC FISH-neuroblastoma and additional biomarkers)
  • be Diagnostic, meaning their detection is pathognomonic for a specific type of cancer (EWING Sarcoma, IDH1/IDH2 glioma and additional biomarkers)
  • Related to the metabolism of specific drugs (DPD-5FU, UGT1A1-Irinotecan and additional biomarkers)

How to order the test?

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