Com.Pl.i.t DX® Liquid

The DX® Liquid test can be performed before choosing a treatment, and for tumor monitoring during treatment. It also helps to identify secondary mutations, which could differentiate the treatment plan accordingly.

Choosing an Appropriate Treatment Plan for each solid tumor: DX® Liquid is designed for any type of solid tumor and provides real-time information on the gene profile of the tumor using the non-invasive method of liquid biopsy.

The DX® Liquid multigene liquid biopsy test is mainly recommended for:

  • Patients with inoperable tumors and patients with little or no adequate tissue.
  • Patients with multiple metastases.
  • Patients undergoing treatment or after its completion.

Patients undergoing treatment or after its completion. How the DX® Liquid biopsy test helps in choosing a treatment plan

  • It determines the molecular profile (gene mutations) of the tumor and the interactions between genes in cases of multiple mutations.
  • Identifies on-label drugs (as applicable), which target either the mutated genes or the pathways in which they are involved .
  • It identifies mutations associated with resistance to targeted therapies.
  • Identifies off-label treatments or treatments in clinical trials based on tumor molecular profiling. This may prove particularly important for patients where standard treatment has failed.

Gene Panel

12 Gene Mutations


3 Gene rearrangements


To perform the DX® Liquid biopsy multi-gene test, we only need a small amount of blood from the patient in a special Streck™ vial, which is provided by Genekor.


Frequently Asked Questions

What types of cancer does it cover?

It covers all types of solid tumors, including those of unknown origin.

What is the sample type required for the Com.Pl.i.t DX® Liquid analysis?

Blood in a special STRECK vial supplied by Genekor. Blood in special collection vial that you are going to take from Genekor. (Cell-Free DNA BCT®(10ml) και Cell-Free RNA BCT®(10ml)).

How do I get the special vial?

Genekor is responsible for supplying and shipping the special vial for the Com.Pl.i.t DX® Liquid test. Please contact us.

Are there any special instructions for collecting a blood sample?

Yes, click here for more information on the specific instructions for collecting a blood sample.

How do I send my sample and receive my results?

Genekor is responsible for all necessary procedures for the receipt and return of your sample.

Your results will be shared with your doctor via a secure network and to you via e-mail with a secure unique code provided by customer service.

In how many days will I receive my results?

Results will be available within 15 business days of the day after receiving your sample.

Is the test covered by any public / private insurance?

For information about the cost coverage of the test you should contact your personal insurance or our company.

How can I make the payment for the test?

The Customer Service Department will provide you with a unique e-banking payment code, or payment can be made by card or bank transfer.

Why do I have to sign the consent form?

GeneKor Medical SA is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 (Cert. No. 041150049) and according to ELOT ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (Cert. No. 048190009) by TUV NORD HELLAS, which require the written consent of each patient for the use of their genetic material for testing.

It is also necessary in accordance with data protection regulations.

How to order the test?

Our Customer Service Team is committed to answer your questions with regards to the services offered by Genekor. If you would like to order any of the tests that Genekor performs please contact us directly.


*To complete the test, you are required to complete and send the Consent form that you will find on the link below.

If you want to send us your sample, please contact us in order to arrange all procedures.

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