PCA3 is a non-invasive test for the detection of prostate cancer, highly specific and more precise than all other available screening tests for prostate cancer and is performed on a simple urine sample. PCA3 assay is a gene test that measures the expression of PCA3 (prostate cancer gene 3) mRNA in urine samples. PCA3 is specific to the prostate and is significantly up-regulated in prostatic cancer cells. The test quantitatively measures PCA3 mRNA as well as PSA mRNA and determines their ratio. High ratios have been shown to be indicative of prostate cancer. PCA3 assay is non-invasive and helped reduce the number of unnecessary biopsies, eliminating pain and discomfort associated with biopsies.

Test Specifications

PCA3 assay measures PCA3 and PSA mRNA in a urine sample collected after digital rectal examination. PSA mRNA measurement ensures that prostate cells were collected in the sample and also provides a means to normalise the PCA3 mRNA amount. The result is reported as a ratio of PCA3 mRNA to PSA mRNA, which translates to a low or high risk of having prostate cancer.

The reported PCA3/PSA ratios allow us to establish the risk of having a positive biopsy. The risk is expressed as either low or high. PSA mRNA measurements below a certain detection amount will produce an inconclusive test, indicating that insufficient prostate cells were detected.

  • The assay detects the overexpression of the PCA3 gene which is specific for prostate cancer.
  • Genekor’s PCA3 test quantifies the mRNA of the PCA3 gene in urine using the Real Time PCR molecular technique
  • It is not affected by the size of the prostate or possible prostate infections.
  • The higher the PCA3 score, the greater the probability of a positive biopsy.


Frequently Asked Questions

In how many days are the results delivered?

Results are delivered within 10 business days.

What type of sample is required for the test?

A urine sample will be required for the PCA3 test to detect prostate cancer

Is the test covered by any public/private insurance?

For cost coverage and information please contact the Genekor secretary.

How do I make the payment for the test?

Payment can be made by bank transfer or debit/credit card

How I send the sample and receive the results?

Regarding the receipt of the sample, contact the secretariat at 210-6032138. The results are shared with your doctor and with you via email.

How to order the test?

Our Customer Service Team is committed to answer your questions with regards to the services offered by Genekor. If you would like to order any of the tests that Genekor performs please contact us directly.


*To complete the test, you are required to complete and send the Consent form that you will find on the link below.


If you want to send us your sample, please contact us in order to arrange all procedures.

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