28 April, 2022

Genekor Medicine SA supports “The Smile of the Child” with free genetic tests

The company Genekor Medical S.A. in the framework of social responsibility and with the aim of offering quality medical diagnostic services to all children who need support, for the year 2022, through the “Smile of the Child” Organization, free genetic tests worth 15,000 euros are available to children with health problems. The purpose is early diagnosis, prognosis and their personalized management by their attending physician.

Genekor was founded in 2007 and specializes in molecular testing in oncology, cardiology, neurology and pharmacogenomics. All of us who work at Genekor consider it our duty and our pleasure to do our best so that every person has a chance for an improved quality of life.

So we decided, a share of the income from the tests we carry out will be dedicated to genetic tests for children who are in immediate need and do not have easy access to them.

In 26 years of action “The Smile of the Child” has holistically and individually supported 275,077 children and their families in the field of Health. Thank you “The Child’s Smile” for their excellent work towards every child and family in need of help and for allowing Genekor to be a part of it.

Press Release “The Smile of a Child”