17 May, 2023

7th Health Innovation Conference 2023

. Nikos Tsoulos MSc, MBA, PhDc, Biochemist, CEO, GeneKor Medical SA gave a speech entitled “The present and future of biomarkers in the Greek health system” he stated that today, there are approximately 150 gene targets that respond to 750 drugs and will develop within the next 10 years, which development we will have to see if the Ministry of Health will be able to support it.

He also focused on the fact that for many years specific biomarkers have been selected by the ministry for certain indications, mainly in cancer patients, without any renewal, as a result of which there are many drugs circulating, but whose biomarkers, which are a necessary condition to be prescribed, are not covered by the National Health System.

A very interesting and constructive discussion followed with Drs. Vasilios Venizelos, Breast surgeon – Specialist Mammologist, President of the Hellenic Society of Breast Surgery (EXHEM) Kostas Athanasakis, Assistant Professor of Health Economics, Health Technology Assessment Laboratory, University of Western Attica, Nikolaos Tsoukalas, MD, MSc, PhD, Pathologist – Oncologist, MSc Bioinformatics, Director, Oncology Clinic, 401 GSNA, the President of the Hellenic Patients’ Union, Nikos Dedes and the Head of Contracts Directorate E.O.P.Y.Y. Nikos Kikilias, who agreed on the importance of upgrading and speeding up the process of covering biomarkers by EOPYY.

Listen to the Radio show spoken by N. Tsoulos: What the galloping technology of biomarkers brings HERE