25 January, 2023

Molecular Residual Disease – Publication of the GALAXY Study

On Monday, January 16th, Nature Medicine published the first results of the observational study (GALAXY study), which is one of the 3 arms of the prospective study (CIRCULATE Japan).

Important Conclusions:

Based on the prospective data of the above observational study (GALAXY study), molecular residual disease (ctDNA status, Signatera™) is the most important prognostic indicator of relapse, compared to the rest of the clinicopathological factors and is potentially also a predictive indicator of the benefit of chemotherapy in patients with colorectal cancer (stage II, III, IV with oligometastatic disease). Signatera™is fully reimbursed by Medicare in the United States:

1. For patients with colorectal cancer (stage II, III, IV oligometastatic disease)
2. For patients with muscle invasive bladder cancer
3. Immunotherapy response monitoring for patients with metastatic cancer regardless of primary site.

Read more about the study here!