23 December, 2022

70% of relatives of patients with pathogenic genes do not undergo genetic testing

Nikos Tsoulos, CEO of Genekor I.A.E., gave an interview to THE DOCTOR magazine on the importance of genetic testing in relatives of people who have been diagnosed with breast and ovarian cancer. In light of the fact that genetic testing for BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes was integrated into the e-prescribing system, and the data from the recent Genekor study, which was presented at ESMO CONGRESS 2022 as a Poster “Targeted Genetic Testing applied to only 31% of initial families with pathogenic variants in breast cancer-related genes” , it was noted that genetic testing in all relatives 1st and 2nd stage is of paramount importance in order to achieve early diagnosis and prevention of breast and ovarian cancer.

Read the full interview here.