18 February, 2022

The first patient in the UK to have the Cancer Vaccine.

Graham Booth has been treated for cancer four times, his doctors have informed him that if the cancer returns, which is likely, they will no longer have a choice. He is now the first patient in the country to participate in the pioneering cancer vaccine trial.

The research team at the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre in Liverpool developed the vaccine which is personalised to Graham’s DNA and designed to help his immune system to fight the disease and reduce the risk of cancer recurrence.

Graham, 54, a father of five, will undergo immunotherapy treatment to fight the disease and reduce the risk of its recurrence. The research project is designed to reduce deaths and recurrence in cancers of the head and neck, such as those of the mouth, throat, tongue and sinuses.

Graham himself said : “Last year I had the feeling that the cancer was progressing and there were not many options left. This clinical trial has opened new doors and gives me some hope that my cancer will not return. And it could open doors for other people. I hope to look forward to a better future. A hope that it will never come back – which would mean everything to my family and everyone around me.”