27 November, 2018

Lung cancer: Patients’ gene profile as a key to curing the disease.

November: lung cancer awareness month

Lung cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer today, with increased mortality rates due to the fact that it is a disease with no particular symptoms until it reaches an advanced stage. It is undoubtedly linked to smoking, both active and passive, and has seen an increase in the percentage of cases, especially in the female population in recent years.

Lung cancer is divided into two forms: non-small cell lung cancer, the most common form of lung cancer, and small cell lung cancer, a less common form. These two forms require different management and treatment depending on the individual case.

According to recent World Health Organization statistics, more than 90% of lung cancer cases are people who are or have been smokers and only 10% of cases are people who have never smoked.

But at the same time, and in addition to smoking being the main cause of lung cancer, there are a number of other risk factors for the disease. Some of these include age, gender, working and living conditions, radiation exposure and family history of cancer, among others.

Regarding the major part of the handling and treatment of a patient who has already been diagnosed with lung cancer, we see again that fully individualised management is again the key to choosing the right treatment. And when we talk about personalised treatment, we are referring to the analysis of multiple genes in order to map the gene profile of each patient’s tumour, which has unique characteristics that the physician needs to be aware of. The clinical picture of the disease at the time of diagnosis combined with these gene characteristics of the patient make up the complete background and provide a clear picture to the treating physician regarding the therapeutic needs of the patient.

Genekor Medical SA has been active for over a decade in the field of Molecular Oncology, constantly developing new analyses as a weapon in the fight against cancer using the most advanced technologies in the field of Health. The multi-gene assaysCom.Pl.itDXLungand Mo.Re (MolecularResponse) Assay are designed to provide a comprehensive information based on the unique physiology of the patient’s tumor to help treating physicians choose the most appropriate treatment.

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