Nikolaos Tsoulos - Chief Executive Officer

Nikolaos Tsoulos studied Biochemistry and graduated with honors from State University of New York at Stony Brook). He has worked as a Biochemist at the research laboratory of Capital Genomics Inc. in Maryland at USA.

Nikolaos Tsoulos
    • As CEO at Genekor Medical S.A, Nikos Tsoulos has created Genekor’s sales and marketing departments establishing a series of partnerships with international organizations (Oncotype DX, miRview Foundation One, Molecular Intelligence and PCA3). In addition, he has developed a network of collaborating laboratories in Europe, the Middle East and the Balkans providing molecular analyses focusing on high quality, cost, reliability and rapid results.


    • Nikolaos Tsoulos has also been the Vice President of the Research Institute of Individualized Medicine for Cancer, a non-profit organization.