19 September, 2023

prime DX: A New Era in Personalized Cancer Treatment!

prime DX
The prime DX assay provides a detailed blueprint of tumor biology, which is used by the physician to design the most effective individualized treatment plan for the patient.
It includes a panel of 1021 genes and biomarkers related to immunotherapy, PARP inhibitors and targeted therapies, but also gives answers about toxicity in the use of 5FU, irinotecan and other chemotherapy drugs.

Prime DX Liquid
The analysis of the molecular profile of the tumor is also carried out in a Liquid Biopsy!
The prime DX Liquid analysis also includes 1021 genes and includes responses to treatment options such as immunotherapy, PARP inhibitors, targeted therapies and participation in clinical studies. It also addresses toxicity in the use of F-5U, irinotecan, and other chemotherapy drugs. In addition, it analyzes genes associated with hereditary predisposition to cancer!