11 June, 2020

DNA-based medication selection?

Every human body is different.

So a pharmaceutical substance cannot have the same effect on all people. A treatment may be highly beneficial for one person and for another it may prove to be unnecessary, or even toxic, creating significant unwanted side effects. This is because each person has a different genetic background, which can determine the type of medicine they should take.

But how can we separate the beneficial from the toxic pharmaceutical substances for our own body, so that we can directly receive the right treatment while avoiding experimentation and serious side effects?

A new once-in-a-lifetime gene analysis called MyTheragene, based on pharmacogenomic science, gives the answers among 500 different drugs, making it easier for doctor and patient to choose a safe personalised and effective treatment with obvious benefits for the patient. Among these substances are many common prescription drugs such as anti-inflammatories, analgesics, antipyretics, but also drugs used to treat cardiac, psychiatric and neurological diseases, as well as in the treatment of cancer.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) already includes pharmacogenomic information in the inserts of many drugs, highlighting the need to tailor prescriptions according to an individual’s genetic background.

This gene analysis is now the choice of millions of people around the world for personalized treatment, is called MyTheragene and is performed in Greece, in the specialized molecular analysis laboratories of Genekor Medical SA.