12 June, 2024

New Study: “The importance of pre-and post-genetic counselling for genetic testing in hereditary cancer “

Genekor participated again this year in the European Human Genetics Conference 2024 held in Berlin, where Dr. Konstantinos Agiannitopoulos, Molecular Biologist, Ph.D and Group Leader of Genekor’s Hereditary Cancer Group, presented the paper entitled “The importance of pre- and post-genetic counselling for genetic testing in hereditary cancer”.

This paper presented the importance of genetic counselling both before and after genetic testing for hereditary cancer.

Before testing, individuals engage in a thorough discussion with a genetic counselor or healthcare provider. This phase involves educating the individual about the implications of genetic testing, covering potential outcomes, limitations, and the emotional impact of results. Additionally, the counselor evaluates the individual’s personal and family history to determine the suitability of genetic testing and to manage expectations effectively. Following testing, post-genetic counselling becomes pivotal. It involves interpreting the test results within the context of the individual’s health and family background.

The counselor helps the individual comprehend the implications of the results, including any associated risks or preventive measures. Furthermore, they offer support and guidance in making informed decisions regarding medical management and in communicating results to other family members. The purpose of this study is to highlight the importance of pre- and post- genetic counselling based on the experience of Genekor laboratory.

Read the study here: “The importance of pre-and post-genetic counselling for genetic testing in hereditary cancer”